Links for Additional Reading/Research

Teens and Social Networking

Social Web Tips for Parents
Social Web Tips for Teens
13 Holy Cybercitizen Laws - Vanessa Van Petten
Safer Children in a Digital World - the Report of the Byron Review - March 2008
Just the Truth about Online Youth Victimization - Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee (transcript) - May, 2007
Internet Safety Education for Teens - Getting it Right - Crimes Against Children Research Center
Research and Guidelines on Online Social - and Educational - Networking - National School Board Association
What are Kids Doing on Facebook, MySpace..... - Vanessa Van Petten
A Parent's Perspective to Social Networking - Katy on Teens Today with Vanessa Van Petten


MySpace Parent Page - also see additional links in the sidebar of the MySpace Parent Page
MySpace Safety Videos

Other Popular Sites

Facebook - social networking
YouTube - videos + networking
AIM - AOL Instant Messenger

Workshop Handouts

Parents Guide to Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats - Nancy Willard
Helping Young People Learn to Make Safe and Responsible Choices Online - Nancy Willard
Cable in the Classroom "Parenting the MySpace Generation"
Social Network Guide from the National Cyber Security Alliance
Understanding A Child's Virtual World from Incredible Internet/Qwest
Online Lingo - National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Parent Resources

CyberSafe Kids, CyberSavvy Teens
Parents - Safe Surf
Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use
GetNetWise - Parent Guide
Family Guide Book - Parry Aftab
Connect Safely
Growing Up Online - PBS Frontline
WiredSafety Parent Page
Easy Way to Monitor Your Child on MySpace - CoolCatTeacher Blog Parent Resource Center
Understanding a Child's Virtual World (includes videos) - Incredible Internet/Qwest
Is Your Child Using YouTube? - Vanessa Van Petten
NetSmartz411:Internet Safety Help (answers to common questions)
I-Safe Parent-to-Parent
WebWiseKids Parents Site
Stop Cyberbullying - Parent's Role
NetSmartz Real Life Stories - includes videos and news stories
Safe Kids
Wired Kids
ThinkUKnow - Parents

In the News

"Class Teaches Importance of 'Net Safety" Westmont, IL Reporter Progress, April 8, 2008
"Text Generation Gap: U R 2 Old (JK)" New York Times, March 9, 2008
"MySpace Boosts Internet Safety Efforts with Ad Campaign", March 6, 2008
"Digital Kids Ditch Homework for Networking" The Guardian, March 3, 2008
"How Dangerous is the Internet for Children?" New York Times, February 28, 2008
"Six-year-olds 'Addicted to Technology'" Herald Sun, February 29, 2008
"Social Networking Sites Offer New Ways to Connect" Onalaska Life, February 28, 2008
"Harvard Scholars to Explore Net Safety" New York Times, February 28, 2008
"Social Networking Sites, A Parent Trap?" WDTV5, Bridgeport/Clarksburg, WV, February 25, 2008
"What's the draw of MySpace?" The Daily Aztec, February 26, 2008
"Study Rejects Internet Sex Predator Stereotype" MSNBC, February 18, 2008
"Drunken College Immortalize their Nights on Facebook" ABC News, February 19, 2008
"Students Stage Fights to be King of YouTube Ring" Wichita Falls Online, February 18, 2008
"Some Give up MySpace and Facebook for Lent" The Virginian-Pilot, February 17, 2008
"Facing up to the future" Herald Sun, February 17, 2008
"Is MySpace Good For Society? A Freakonomics Quorum" New York Times, February 16, 2008
"Social Networking Sites Safer than IM or Chat Rooms" - Washington Post, February 1, 2008
"Generation MySpace Getting Fed Up" - Business Week, February 7, 2008
"MySpace Bug Leaks "Private" Teen Photos to Voyeurs" - Wired, January 17, 2008

Educational Uses of Social Networking

What is RSS and Why YOU Need It - Vanessa Von Petten
Pupils to get Lessons in Blogging - BBC News
Blogging with Elementary School Perspective - Langwitches
Boundaries of IM and SMS Messaging with Students - Wesley Fryer